Different Ways to Showcase Favorite Quotes

I love inspirational quotes and phrases. In fact, I have two Pinterest boards dedicated to them, Makes Me Smile and Things I should have Said.  Eventually when I have more time, I want to make a few posters/signs for my study.  Here are some of my favorites quotes:

Another favorite is a quote by Albert Einstein "Creativity is contagious pass it on".  This will definitely be on a sign in my studio. But for now I knew it would be a great way to spice up this old big bird yellow tray I found. 

tray before

First, I started by painting the tray with Annie Sloan Original color chalk paint.  (Please ignore the coors light box, it is holding cut pieces of wood.)  

tray with one coat of paint

Then, I sketched out a chevron pattern and painted it with a color mixture I came up with. Once the design was set I painted over my vinyl stencil quote I made using my Silhouette Cameo. After everything was painted and touched up I brushed with tray with Annie Sloan clear wax to give it a protective coat. 

tray after

I absolutely love the way it came out and the tray sold very quickly at the festival last Sunday. To see more items from the festival check out my facebook page.

Another way I showcase quotes are with my refurbished wood pallet signs. Here is second look at one of my favorite signs I have made.

I had more signs at the festival, but as usual I forgot to take pictures. I need to put someone in charge of getting pictures for me because I always forget. Where is my photographer best friend, Jessica when I need her! To see Jessica's work visit her site here.

Remember friends BE CREATIVE!

A Dish Towel with a Special Meaning and a ReStyled ReUsed Crate

Since Earth Day was Monday, I wanted to share ways in which I ReUse old materials or find new ways to use everyday items.  Last September, I visited New Hope, PA for the first time and while shopping around in Peddlers Village I found this adorable dish towel.
dish towel before
You can buy your own here.

The phrase "Love You More" has a special place in my heart which made me love this dish towel.  Instantly I knew I had to buy it, but also knew it would not stay a dish towel for long. I was going to turn it into a pillow for my couch.

After some easy sewing I made this!

dish towel turned pillow

Not your average dish towel anymore!

Also on Earth Day, here at RWL I did my part to recycle. I love old wood. I am that crazy lady stalking  construction workers asking if I can take their old wood (that they are throwing away). I also like the distressed wood on shipping pallet/crates. So many times you can find me taking old crates right from the trash. Why do I like this things you may ask? I like them because the wood is aged just right for making vintage signs or building coat racks.

So I did just that on Monday. Along with my fur baby and my trusty orbital jigsaw (by the way I love this thing). I sat outside in the beautiful New Jersey weather and started cutting away at the old pallet.

crate before
 (Don't worry my fur baby was out of the way for the cutting.)

The wood I cut on Monday will be used to make new signs for my upcoming festival, but here you can see an example of how I use this type of wood.

I ReStyled and ReUsed a different pallet for my "Nothing Makes Sense But Us" sign.

wooden pallet after

Who would have guessed this wood was covered in dirt and on the side of the road.

I will have more signs like this at the Hoboken Spring Art & Music Festival May 5th.

Happy Earth Day!

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