Put Me On A Pedestal

This beautiful ebony stained octagon vintage end table was a fabulous find at my local thrift store. I couldn't find a manufacture date any where on the table, but by looking at the construction of it I would say it was made in the 1960's or 1970's. 
This neglected end table is made of solid oak and has a built in shelf.  The table top and pedestal bottom detach. When I found it, it wasn't properly tightened, therefore, I think shoppers thought it was broken. Or they couldn't see the beauty I could see! Lucky me, right? Overall the table was in good condition; the main damage was on the top. Deep scratches to the surface had damaged this table, but I knew it was nothing a sander and some stain couldn't fix.

vintage end table before

end table before
After some love and ebony stain this table has returned to it's beautiful self! My favorite part is the built in shelf!!
end table after
This newly refurbished end table would look stunning next to a couch in a living room, in between two armchairs or next to a bed. The top measures 23 inches from left to right and stands 22 inches tall.   
end table after close up
This is the same area that had the deep scratches. All of them were sanded out. The wood itself has great character and a beautiful grain pattern throughout.

You can buy this beautiful end table for $150. Shipping will be easy, especially since the pedestal and top detach.

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Happy Shopping!