A Seat for One

This project was by far my favorite. Why, you may ask? Because I love the way it turned out!  So much so that if I had a bigger apartment I would have kept it for myself but on the flip side it's a good thing since I have the typical small Hoboken apartment. I could find any excuse to keep everything! On a side note, to help put things into perspective for those of you who do not live in the New York/ New Jersey area, my apartment is the size of my parents master bedroom suite in Houston Texas! One evening, during one of my visits home, I was lying on their king size bed chatting with them as they were getting ready to go out. As I was lying there I looked around and thought to myself, my entire apartment fits in this bedroom including my bathroom and closet! How depressing! But I digress...enough about my small space, it is a treasure.

For those of you who are familiar with small space living you understand the need or limitation to having a single seat chair. I found this particular chair at a thrift store in Jersey City where it was substituting as a stand for a fan to keep the store cool. When inquired about the chair to the clerk she replied "Okay, but it doesn't have a seat!" so in turn of course I said "I know, trust me, that is not a problem!" 

chair before

I decided to try a new brand of paint that I fell in love with recently from Clarks & Kensington.  Ace Hardware recently introduced this paint line in February and it is an amazing combination of paint and primer in one. In addition to distressing the chair, I added a dark brown glaze covering the entire chair.

And of course I added a seat!  I picked out this beautiful and fun bird fabric from Premier Prints.

chair after

close up on distressing detail at bottom of chair

close up on distressing 

Like I said before this is by far one of my favorite projects and was a very popular item at the fair. It sold the minute the fair opened!

Up next are two chairs I found by a dumpster. Check back to see how I transform these chairs into a bench!

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A Houston Family Heirloom... The Piano Bench

Over my summer trip home to Houston I took on two more projects and one of them was the old family piano bench at my sister's house. My grandfather, on my dad's side, was a professional piano player in Miami and this was the piano he had in Miami. It was brought to Houston when my grandparents moved in with us in the late 80's.

Our house was always filled with music. I can still hear my grandfather playing old songs from his night club days and how he endlessly practiced his new sheet music for his Lutheran church where he played.  I learned how to play "She will be coming around the mountain" on this piano. Can I still play that today? No, but I have fond memories of my grandfather teaching me.

piano bench before

To reupholster this bench I used fabric, trim and studs picked out by my sister. She also monogramed her family initials on the top. The monogram added an elegant yet personal touch.

piano bench after

close up on the monogram

It turned out beautifully and now looks great in her family study.

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Dressing Up Your Dresser

My most recent refurbishing was for a client with a 20 year old five drawer dresser. My client loved the dresser, but knew it was in desperate need a of furniture face lift overall, the dresser was in good shape. It had a few surface scratches, some chips, a broken drawer glide and a broken base board.

dresser before
Refurbishing it didn't take long and within a week we were picking out paint colors. I always try to advise my clients to find a few shades of a color they like because we all know, but many of us forget, once paint dries it's a slightly different shade. With this dresser we were on the hunt for the right shade of grey, not to blue and not to green. Our first choice too green, but after a few more tests we found this beautiful Benjamin Moore & Co. grey blue Gibraltar Cliffs color.

dresser after (puppy not included)

My client selected these knobs from Anthropologie.  The ones we used have more of a brass finish. The link will show you a zinc finish. Our knobs were found in the store. She wanted the dresser to have a distressed look. We agreed a light distressing detail would be best.

I have more refurbishing projects coming up. I will post pictures soon!

One man's writing desk is one woman's sewing station

My sewing clutter and machine had taken over my kitchen table. Between the sanding and painting I was always worried it would get dirty. Therefore, I was on the hunt for a desk, but not just any desk, a desk with character. That's when I came across this beauty.  The desk was in excellent condition, good bones and no major damage.

desk before
I decided to paint it the same color as my night stand. I gave it an antique finish, changed the hardware and behold this beauty!

desk after

Now I can finally set up shop with the proper work space.

Say Goodnight to the new night stand...

Like many of you, I started refurbishing furniture because there were a few missing pieces I wanted for my home.  On my list was an armchair, desk, bench and this night stand (or for others an end table). I was lucky when I found this piece because it too had good bones and was free! I knew with a little love and some paint I could turn this night stand into the perfect missing piece to be placed left of my bed.

Rescued from the wreckage

night stand before

After some tender LOVE and care

night stand after

Cane Armchair

My first fabulous find... Scary I know, but if you can see past the neglect you would see what I see. I was walking my dog in Hoboken when I found this chair. I knew how great it was and couldn't wait to come back for it. Later, I picked it up and walked home, along with my dog Mia.

armchair before

armchair after

arm close up

After some paint, new cushions and some love the armchair has come a long way.  Just waiting on the pillow form for the back and some more trim and it will be done! Can't wait!