It's a chevron transformation!

Chevron, chevron and more chevron.. I can't get enough of it! Some of you may remember my 'old obsession of the week' post discussing the pattern chevron. Well, I have finally started to put those ideas into action! My first chevron project was this coral colored side table.

I picked up this table in northern New Jersey and instantly loved the shape of it with the curved edges and detailed legs. The table originally was white and the worst paint job I had ever seen. It had the thickest coat of white acrylic paint. In some parts I could literally peel it off in sheets and in other areas I had to used a heavy duty stripping solution twice! Once all the acrylic was removed, I painted it a base color of Behr's 'Cool Melon.' Then I stenciled on the chevron pattern and painted the stripes in Behr's 'Cool Lava.'

side table before 
close up on end table

end table after

Here is the second chevron project I recently completed.  I picked up this bench from the same place where I got the table. This poor bench was in bad shape when I picked it up, but I love the final product!

After some much needed TLC. I stained the wood a rich ebony and made a new cushion from the beautiful beautiful navy and white from Premiere Prints zig zag fabric.

chevron bench after - SOLD
I have more of this fabric left over and I think I will use it on my work stool!

Check back to see more pattern projects!

Antique Glazed 1950's Two Tier Side Table

I picked up this vintage side table on one of my many furniture hunting trips in New Jersey. This beautiful end table doesn't have a date on it, but after much research I have come to the conclusion it is either from the 1940's or 1950's. What drew me to the table was the curved detail on the top and the scalloped legs. Once I got the table home, my creative juices started flowing and I decided to paint the table 'Quilter's White.' I also added a decorative glaze to create an aged/vintage look. In my opinion, the dark cherry wood gave this table a very dated look, something you would find in your grandmother's house.

end table before

You may not be able to tell from the before picture, but this table has a draw.  Originally it didn't have a handle, therefore I added this Anthropologie draw pull.

end table after

A fresh coat of paint completely transformed this table from drab to fab and the draw pull is my favorite part! If you are interested in purchasing this antique end table visit my RefurbishedwithLove shop on

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It's called a dumbwaiter table...

As many of you know I am crazy about stenciling and am happy to report my latest project is finally finished. What did I stencil? It's called a Dumbwaiter Table. I came across this table a while ago and knew I wanted to do something special to it. I always envisioned using multiple colors and a cool pattern on the table tops.

dumbwaiter table after

dumbwaiter table before
The top of each tier is painted in Benjamin Moore's Gibraltar Cliff and Beach Glass.  The stencil I used is a beautiful Moroccan pattern from the Royal Design Stencil Shop. When I ordered the stencil I didn't realize how big it was going to be because it's a wall stencil. Therefore, when it arrived it was way too big for this small table, so I tried shrinking the pattern on a copier and it worked. It was a long process and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. Once the pattern was scaled down, I then traced on to blue painters tape I had put onto the table tops.

the grueling stencil process
The stenciling process took longer then I thought it would, but the results are fabulous!

table tops

close up on table top
  The table also has a beautiful pedestal at the bottom and in between each tier.

THIS TABLE HAS SOLD, but if you are interested in other things check out my Etsy Shop - Refurbishedwithlove. Keep checking back for my next stencil project, a chevron pattern rug!

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Obsession of the Week...Stencil Mania

Lately I have been obsessed with stenciling. I love all the different patterns and how easy it is to apply. Stenciling can transform almost anything. It can be done on a wall, a piece of fabric, a table, rug, chair or dresser. As of now I have two items on my stencil to do list and they are a rug and an end table. I can't wait to get started. Recently, I purchased a beautiful Moroccan stencil on Etsy from the Royal Design Stencil Shop. They have some of the best patterns and a big selection.

moroccan stencil

My first stencil project will be on this two tiered table, also referred to a dumb-waiter table which I found over the summer. I am envisioning a pretty stencil pattern on the tops of each tier. The pattern will give the table a unique look.

two tier end table also know as dumb waiter table

Also, in my search for stencils I came across these beautiful leather bar stools with stencil work on the leather.  I love this pattern and would like to stencil it on a rug. Although, I am also obsessed with the chevron pattern and I think it would be pretty on a rug too.

I will post pictures of the finished table soon.

Happy Stenciling!

Obsession of the Week

I found my latest decorative obsession during my trip home when I went visit my family in Houston. My sister recently remodeled her kitchen and purchased new living room furniture. When I was there I fell in love with the changes she made to some of her existing furniture, when she added a decorative glaze to them. The biggest transformations were with the fireplace mantel and the kitchen table. Both pieces were originally a dark mahogany wood.

mantel scroll

pedestal bottom of kitchen table
As you can see decorative glazing and paint were used to create this aged and distressed look. My sister did not do this herself; it was done by her decorator. I have done some intense research and want to recreate this look myself on this end table.

I originally bought this table to refurbish it as a new seat for my dog because right now she sits on my ottoman and I want it back. However, I have decided against using this table because it's too high for her to climb. Moreover, once I started working on the table I didn't like the finish I chose and put the table on the back burner. But now that I have seen this decorative glaze on my sister's furniture I love it! I think it will look great on this end table with it's trim and corner pieces. Once I finish my kitchen cabinets I will tackle this project!

Put Me On A Pedestal

This beautiful ebony stained octagon vintage end table was a fabulous find at my local thrift store. I couldn't find a manufacture date any where on the table, but by looking at the construction of it I would say it was made in the 1960's or 1970's. 
This neglected end table is made of solid oak and has a built in shelf.  The table top and pedestal bottom detach. When I found it, it wasn't properly tightened, therefore, I think shoppers thought it was broken. Or they couldn't see the beauty I could see! Lucky me, right? Overall the table was in good condition; the main damage was on the top. Deep scratches to the surface had damaged this table, but I knew it was nothing a sander and some stain couldn't fix.

vintage end table before

end table before
After some love and ebony stain this table has returned to it's beautiful self! My favorite part is the built in shelf!!
end table after
This newly refurbished end table would look stunning next to a couch in a living room, in between two armchairs or next to a bed. The top measures 23 inches from left to right and stands 22 inches tall.   
end table after close up
This is the same area that had the deep scratches. All of them were sanded out. The wood itself has great character and a beautiful grain pattern throughout.

You can buy this beautiful end table for $150. Shipping will be easy, especially since the pedestal and top detach.

All purchases are made through paypal.

Happy Shopping!

Obsession of the Week...

It seems as though everyday of the week I fall in love with something new! Whether it is a fabric, new decorating technique, a piece of furniture or a newly decorated space I can easily spend hours online or thumbing through magazines looking at all of these things. Therefore, I decided why not share my obsessions with you, whoever you are out there. I can't be the only one falling in love, right?  At least I hope not.

This year at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), a new finishing technique for wood was showcased. One of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy, refers to it as Metallic & Mirrored Silver. I love it! It's super modern yet on a log of wood I think it looks contemporary with a rugged edge. I have tried to recreate this look three times on a sample of wood and can't seem to get it to be as shiny or reflective as in the pictures. It's really frustrating, but I promise I am going to master this! I don't care how many times it takes me. I have the perfect 1950's retro end table that would look amazing with this finish. So here's hoping!

As soon as it is finished I will post the pictures. Until then if anyone has any tips or advice please share!