I made my own chalk paint!

Recently, I have wanted to explore using chalk paint on furniture. Fortunately for me I had a client send me their desk and stool which was the perfect candiate to test out this paint. For those of you who are not familiar with chalk paint, it is a fast drying paint mixture that creates a 'chalk-like' matte finish. It is a popular paint and said to be easy to use when creating a shabby chic look or when distressing furniture.

In theory, I like the idea of chalk paint but on the hand, it is very expensive. Since I was not comfortable paying $30 for paint, I started researching  recipes on how to make my own.  I found a couple great recipes one on the blog Elizabeth and Co. and the other at I Heart Nap Time blog.

Below is the guinea pig an old Ikea desk. Typically, I steer clear of Ikea furniture but the desk fits perfectly in my clients small Hoboken apartment. They wanted the desk to painted navy with gold highlights and were totally open to me trying chalk paint.

desk before

Chalk paint has a great deal of benefits.  It is the best type of paint to use on furniture that cannot be sanded or furniture you do not intend to strip. Also, it is extremely durable. I ended up using the Elizabeth and Co. recipe.  Overall I was very pleased with the mixture, however, it dries out quickly therefore I suggest making small batches of paint.

desk after

close up on leg detail and upholstered stool

close up on desk top

Next time I want to try I Heart Nap Time's recipe. I wonder if using a smaller amount of plaster of paris will make the paint last longer.

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One man's writing desk is one woman's sewing station

My sewing clutter and machine had taken over my kitchen table. Between the sanding and painting I was always worried it would get dirty. Therefore, I was on the hunt for a desk, but not just any desk, a desk with character. That's when I came across this beauty.  The desk was in excellent condition, good bones and no major damage.

desk before
I decided to paint it the same color as my night stand. I gave it an antique finish, changed the hardware and behold this beauty!

desk after

Now I can finally set up shop with the proper work space.