Tropical Feel In Winter... Refurbished Wooden Chair with Cece Caldwell's Paint

**Though I have received compensation for this post these opinions and creations are my own.**

Recently, I had a client with an old wooden chair they loved, but I was in need of some serious TLC.  They contacted me about refurbishing their chair, because they loved what I did with the Nursery Changing Table I did many years ago. I have recreated this look a few times and this time I had the perfect color in mind Cece Caldwell's Paint Jersey Tomato. It is the perfect base for the old barn door look.  First, I sanded the whole chair to remove the old finish, but remember you can't sand to hard because you do not want to remove the age. Then it was time to paint, I applied three coats of Jersey Tomato Red. 

first coat of Jersey Tomato Red

first coat of Jersey Tomato Red

Then I go back and fill in the dents and add texture with black and white paint.

My client choose cushions with a pretty palm tree design and even though was sunny when I was taking this picture, it was super cold out. I love the tropical feel in winter!

Cece Caldwell's Jersey Tomato is a vibrant red, it can be used like this or on it's own. Either way it is a stunning color.


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***Though I have received compensation for this post, these projects, opinions and creations are my own, I have not been paid to publish positive comments. I am a brand rep for Cece Caldwell's Paints and have used their product for this latest creation! For this project I used Mustard Yellow, Sedona Red, Silver Fog and Metallic Cooper Wax. I AM DISCLOSING THIS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION’S 16 CFR, PART 255: “GUIDES CONCERNING THE USE OF ENDORSEMENTS AND TESTIMONIALS IN ADVERTISING."


A Seat for One

This project was by far my favorite. Why, you may ask? Because I love the way it turned out!  So much so that if I had a bigger apartment I would have kept it for myself but on the flip side it's a good thing since I have the typical small Hoboken apartment. I could find any excuse to keep everything! On a side note, to help put things into perspective for those of you who do not live in the New York/ New Jersey area, my apartment is the size of my parents master bedroom suite in Houston Texas! One evening, during one of my visits home, I was lying on their king size bed chatting with them as they were getting ready to go out. As I was lying there I looked around and thought to myself, my entire apartment fits in this bedroom including my bathroom and closet! How depressing! But I digress...enough about my small space, it is a treasure.

For those of you who are familiar with small space living you understand the need or limitation to having a single seat chair. I found this particular chair at a thrift store in Jersey City where it was substituting as a stand for a fan to keep the store cool. When inquired about the chair to the clerk she replied "Okay, but it doesn't have a seat!" so in turn of course I said "I know, trust me, that is not a problem!" 

chair before

I decided to try a new brand of paint that I fell in love with recently from Clarks & Kensington.  Ace Hardware recently introduced this paint line in February and it is an amazing combination of paint and primer in one. In addition to distressing the chair, I added a dark brown glaze covering the entire chair.

And of course I added a seat!  I picked out this beautiful and fun bird fabric from Premier Prints.

chair after

close up on distressing detail at bottom of chair

close up on distressing 

Like I said before this is by far one of my favorite projects and was a very popular item at the fair. It sold the minute the fair opened!

Up next are two chairs I found by a dumpster. Check back to see how I transform these chairs into a bench!

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