East Goes West Gathering Vintage Furniture from NYC to San Diego

Hey Yall,

We have moved to sunny San Diego! 2018 was a busy year here at Refurbished with Love. I was transforming furniture for clients in California, New Jersey and New York! Finally, after a busy year and a lot of thought we have moved our family full time to San Diego. We were very sad to leave Hoboken, the little square mile city, but we are also very excited for what our new chapter brings. Hoboken was a wonderful time for me and RWL. My little refurbishing business went from in my kitchen of a 4 story walk up to an artist studio in a historic Hoboken warehouse. I made some of the best clients on the east coast. I was very lucky to create a clientele that wanted my eye, vision and style for their refurbishing needs. I will miss all my wonder clients, friends and family and pray for the same luck in San Diego. I will say working in weather will be easier!

Miss yall!