New Website Is Finally Here! USE THIS FOR NOW ON

I have wanted to create a website for Refurbished with Love for a long time. I am the first to admit I am not the best at keeping up with blog posts or putting together content like some of the other bloggers I read. I admire these ladies, the way they pump out daily posts and are so organized - it's great.  Honestly, because I don't have the time to blog more, I've known for a while that a website is what I need to showcase my work. But funding the design and build of a great website design has always been an obstacle. A custom-made website can be pretty expensive when you are watching every penny. I will be very candid with you: I am a one- woman show. Refurbished With Love is literally just me - no intern, apprentice, helper or anything. I watch every penny that comes in and every penny that goes out. I re-use as much as I can and take advantage of every last drop. Also, because I am growing a business and doing it all on my own, I usually can find 100 other things on which to spend my custom website money.

Finally one day, an old client of mine asked me, "Why don't you make one yourself? There are a ton of videos out there and so many sites. Just teach yourself." So I did and I am pretty proud of myself! I will say I'm very computer savvy and have been since my PR days, but the thought of tackling a website on my own scared me. That is, until I came across Squarespace! This site is amazing, reasonably priced and the help line is awesome! 

Once I started creating I couldn't stop. I was changing fonts, spacing, colors, layouts, all sorts of things until I was 100% happy! So welcome to my digital baby,! Ta-da! Here you can find a portfolio of my past work, read testimonials from a few of my amazing clients and keep up with my blog. 

I hope to expand my business through the website and blog, and welcome your comments, questions and ideas. Enjoy the new site!

To see the latest things I am working on and my creative process follow me on my Facebook page and my instagram Refubished with Love.