A Seat for One

This project was by far my favorite. Why, you may ask? Because I love the way it turned out!  So much so that if I had a bigger apartment I would have kept it for myself but on the flip side it's a good thing since I have the typical small Hoboken apartment. I could find any excuse to keep everything! On a side note, to help put things into perspective for those of you who do not live in the New York/ New Jersey area, my apartment is the size of my parents master bedroom suite in Houston Texas! One evening, during one of my visits home, I was lying on their king size bed chatting with them as they were getting ready to go out. As I was lying there I looked around and thought to myself, my entire apartment fits in this bedroom including my bathroom and closet! How depressing! But I digress...enough about my small space, it is a treasure.

For those of you who are familiar with small space living you understand the need or limitation to having a single seat chair. I found this particular chair at a thrift store in Jersey City where it was substituting as a stand for a fan to keep the store cool. When inquired about the chair to the clerk she replied "Okay, but it doesn't have a seat!" so in turn of course I said "I know, trust me, that is not a problem!" 

chair before

I decided to try a new brand of paint that I fell in love with recently from Clarks & Kensington.  Ace Hardware recently introduced this paint line in February and it is an amazing combination of paint and primer in one. In addition to distressing the chair, I added a dark brown glaze covering the entire chair.

And of course I added a seat!  I picked out this beautiful and fun bird fabric from Premier Prints.

chair after

close up on distressing detail at bottom of chair

close up on distressing 

Like I said before this is by far one of my favorite projects and was a very popular item at the fair. It sold the minute the fair opened!

Up next are two chairs I found by a dumpster. Check back to see how I transform these chairs into a bench!

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