Obsession of the Week...Mad for the Chevron Pattern

My latest obsession is the chevron pattern. I like it on fabric, rugs, furniture, dishware, frames, pillows, on floors, everywhere! I know this style has been around for a while, but I have seen it popping up more and more lately.  Currently, I am working up the courage to paint the pattern on a rug! I want a new 5x7 area rug for my bedroom, but the idea of painting carpet kind of scares me. I know it shouldn't, because I have worked on harder projects than painting a rug, but I am afraid it's going to turn out stiff. Here is the before and after rug that inspired me. You can see the tutorial here at Remodelaholic.com.

Here is another great example of the chevron pattern on a table top.

I definitely want to try it on a piece of furniture, but I think after that I should probably call it quits or I will have to check myself into a chevron rehab program! Well maybe a throw pillow too, but then that's it, I swear!