Obsession of the Week...Stencil Mania

Lately I have been obsessed with stenciling. I love all the different patterns and how easy it is to apply. Stenciling can transform almost anything. It can be done on a wall, a piece of fabric, a table, rug, chair or dresser. As of now I have two items on my stencil to do list and they are a rug and an end table. I can't wait to get started. Recently, I purchased a beautiful Moroccan stencil on Etsy from the Royal Design Stencil Shop. They have some of the best patterns and a big selection.

moroccan stencil

My first stencil project will be on this two tiered table, also referred to a dumb-waiter table which I found over the summer. I am envisioning a pretty stencil pattern on the tops of each tier. The pattern will give the table a unique look.

two tier end table also know as dumb waiter table

Also, in my search for stencils I came across these beautiful leather bar stools with stencil work on the leather.  I love this pattern and would like to stencil it on a rug. Although, I am also obsessed with the chevron pattern and I think it would be pretty on a rug too.

I will post pictures of the finished table soon.

Happy Stenciling!