What started it all...

It was love at first sight when I came across this beat up wooden cane armchair.  Instantly I knew I could give it new life or a furniture face lift as I like to say.  I quickly took a picture on my phone, texted it to my father and asked for his advice. He said "it looks great, you should take it".  After a brief inspection I decided the chair had good bones, a phrase I use a lot. It means the base and structure of the chair is strong and solid with minimal damage.

Like many who refurbish furniture, it began because I was looking for custom made pieces for my apartment. I wanted elegant solid wood furniture and didn't like what I found in stores. I thoroughly enjoy refurbishing. Whether it's a chair, desk, end table, hutch or dresser, immediately I envision the piece of furniture reclaimed with new paint, hardware and/or fabric. 

My first find and my precious puppy mia.